Material Control Procedures

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Material Control Procedures

Materials and Procurement is one of the many interdependent planning and control systems on a project and as such it must fit in the others. Our approach is simply to merge the procurement activities with the operation activities in the general contract program. Then a detailed procurement schedule will be made which will list the items, related activity ID, finalize date, required date on site, also a report for materials status which will list the details of materials suppliers, its cost and order status expected delivery and the interface point to the project Schedule.

The procurement cycle:

(The procurement cycle includes all or some of the following steps. )

1. Identification or recognition of need during design or estimating stage.

2. Qualification of elements needed and operation of procurement specifications.

3. Issuance and processing of internal requisition

4. Solicitation of bids or price quotations.

5. Receipt and evaluation of proposals.

6. Issuance of purchase order.

7. Vendors or subcontractors preparation and submission of shop drawings or samples.

8. Review and approval of shop drawings.

9. Fabrication by vendor or subcontractor.

10. Tracking and expediting.

11. Shopping and traffic.

12. Delivery and inspection.

13. Storage and handling on site prior to use.

14. On site fabrication operation.

15. Installation and testing constructed facilities.

16. Owners acceptance/ rejection, warranties, corrections and other follow up.

(Note all these steps required for all type of materials.)


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